Surat Municipal Corporation, Surat Smart City Development Limited and the AIC SURATiiLAB Foundation is hereby inviting entries from citizens, NGOs and any other citizens groups etc., to come up with solutions in the areas of social inclusion, Zero Dump (SWM), Plastic Waste Management, Transparency (Digital enablement) for helping the city in efficient SBM operations.


Thematic Areas of the Challenge

The solutions are invited for the thematic areas for the challenge covering Social Inclusion, Zero Dump, Plastic Waste Management and Transparency as detailed below:


Sr. No. Solution Area Type of Solution (This is not an exhaustive list)

Social Inclusion

(Resulting in better working

condition for sanitation

workers and waste pickers)

●     Social innovations for improved waste collection and management in low-income settlements

●     Low-cost efficient mechanical solutions for cleaning septic tanks and sewer lines (Manhole to machine hole)

●     Efficient operation and maintenance of community and public toilets in a hygienic and sustainable manner

●     Safe containment, evacuation, transportation, processing and disposal of used water and fecal sludge & septage


Zero Dump

●     Innovative solutions for tracking segregated door-to-door collection solid waste

●     Processing and recycling of all segregated fractions of Solid Waste

●     Low-cost portable solution for remediation of legacy dumpsites


Plastic Waste Management

●     Solution of processing and recycling of plastic waste

●     Solutions to minimize degradation of plastic during recycling

●     Plastic waste management in eco-sensitive regions

●     Innovative methods for collection of multi-layered plastic and its disposal

●     Technology for disposal of plastic from legacy dumpsites

●     Alternatives of single use plastic



●     Digital solutions to check the overflow of septic tanks and sewer lines

●     Citizen engagement including awareness creation and capacity building

●     IoT based solutions for real time monitoring of operations of Sanitation and Waste Management Infrastructure

Application Format

Participants will be required to submit their innovative technological solutions in the following format. Supporting documents in the form of PDF and videos can also be uploaded or link of the same should be made available as part of submission.

Sr. No. Parameter Solution Details


This shall be a sentence no longer than 250 characters. It shall summarise the main goal that would be achieved or the main problem that would be solved.


Problem Statement

This shall be a text containing at most 2000 characters and shall clearly spell out the problem experienced by the citizens that the team's solution resolves or the citizen experience that it would enhance.


Proposed Solution

This shall be a text no longer than 5000 characters and shall clearly state how the problem identified shall be resolved or how the citizen experience shall be enhanced. You may choose to include the hardware, software, architecture description in here too.


Current State of Solution

This shall be a sentence no longer than 500 characters. It shall summarise the current sate of solution i.e. whether it is under ideation, pilot or commercialised.